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About LunchPro

What is LunchPro?

LunchPro is a unique appointment scheduling tool designed for Sales Reps and Medical Offices, linking them with top local restaurants and caterers.

Who does LunchPro serve?

LunchPro provides a unique technology solution for three separate groups:

Sales Reps use LunchPro to schedule appointments and order food.
Medical Offices use LunchPro to manage their internal calendar, specifically their Sales Rep meal appointments, scheduling Rx sample drop-offs and other events.
Restaurant Partners use LunchPro as a lead generation tool to source large catered meals.

Is LunchPro a traditional restaurant delivery service?

No! LunchPro is much more than an RDS. There’s no such thing as a stop and drop at LunchPro. Our unique meal calendaring and food delivery platform makes it easy for Medical Offices and Sales Reps to manage their relationship with one another.

LunchPro for Sales Reps

How do I create a LunchPro Account?

Easy! Log on to and click Create Free Account or download the LunchPro App for your iOS or Android mobile device.

Does LunchPro have an App?

Yes! Visit the app store for your mobile device and search LunchPro. Then, follow the easy prompts and you’re all set.

Is there a fee to create a Sales Rep Account or use the LunchPro App?

Nope. LunchPro is totally free to use.

Can I have more than one LunchPro Account?

Because your email address is used as your username, we limit Sales Reps to one Account.

I think I may have more than one LunchPro Account – what do I do?

Call us anytime at (855) 586-2477 – we’ll look up the details and merge your Accounts, so that none of your appointments or ordering history is lost. You’ll have to select a primary email that will be used as your username going forward.

How do I edit my Account or payment information?

Simply go to your LunchPro Account Profile, edit the information and save your changes. It’s that easy!

I called on a Medical Office that uses LunchPro, but I don’t have a LunchPro Account.Do I have to create an Account to book appointments using LunchPro?

No. Sales Reps do not have to create an Account to book an appointment on the LunchPad, but we will need your name, email and phone number to keep track of your scheduled appointment. However, with the ability to manage your calendar, budget, receipts, office information and meals all in one place – why wouldn’t you want an Account?

How does LunchPro help manage my budget?

LunchPro allows you to set specific budget guidelines for each Medical Office. In addition, we work closely with hundreds of Restaurant Partners, to ensure that you have a variety of quality meal options for every budget, starting at less than $10.00 per person.

Is ordering from LunchPro more expensive than ordering directly from Restaurants?

Nope! We work diligently with our Restaurant Partners to ensure that the LunchPro prices are consistent with the catering prices they charge their other customers.

Do I have to pick up or deliver the food?

Of course not! We have you covered. Our Restaurant Partners are responsible for meal delivery and set up at the Medical Office. In the event you prefer to pick up the food, please call/text us at (855) 586-2477 and we will ensure that your food is ready at the Restaurant when you arrive.

Do the Restaurant Partners charge a delivery fee?

Most of our Restaurant Partners do not, but some do. If there is a delivery fee, the fees will often vary. Any delivery fees are also clearly displayed when placing your order. However, LunchPro offers a filtering tool that identifies which Restaurants charge delivery fees.

Does LunchPro charge additional fees?

No. LunchPro does not charge any additional fees.

If I need to cancel my food order, do the Restaurant Partners charge a cancellation fee?

If your order is cancelled well in advance there is typically no cancellation fee. On the other hand, if your order is cancelled at the last minute, some of our Restaurant Partners charge a cancellation fee to cover their cost. Cancellation fees vary, however, you can filter to find which ones charge cancellation fees.

Do I have to visit a Medical Office to schedule my appointment?

Yes and no! If the Medical Office is a LunchPro Office: you may schedule or cancel appointments on the LunchPad or remotely via our website or App – at any time and from anywhere (24/7).

If the Medical Office is not a LunchPro Office: you are not able to schedule or cancel an appointment via LunchPro; however, you can place a food order for that Medical Office using LunchPro.

By all means, if a Medical Office is not currently using LunchPro, please refer them!

If I am a LunchPro user, am I required to use a LunchPro Restaurant Partner?

No, but you will lose many of the benefits of using a LunchPro Restaurant Partner including delivery and set up services. There are two ways to set up a meal:

Use LunchPro’s Restaurant Partners to order food, deliver and set up at the Medical Office;


Use the “Bring Your Own Food” feature. This feature allows you to bypass our Restaurant Partner meal delivery system but will communicate your meal choice with the Medical Office. If you choose not to use a LunchPro Restaurant Partner, you are responsible for ordering, delivering and setting up your meal at the Medical Office.

Can I use LunchPro to keep track of ALL of my Medical Office appointments?

You bet! In fact, we encourage you to use LunchPro to manage all of your appointments, whether a Medical Office utilizes LunchPro’s system or not.

Can I order food and have it delivered to a non-LunchPro Medical Office?

Yes. Thousands of Sales Rep use LunchPro to provide quality meals at affordable prices for all of their Medical Offices.

What is the LunchPro Concierge Service and how can I use them?

We’re glad you asked! The LunchPro Concierge Service was designed by Sales Reps for Sales Reps. Want to be set up for success? Here’s what the team can do:

Assist you with making meal selections for your appointments by communicating directly with the Medical Office.
Remind you about important things concerning your Medical Offices’, like specific dietary restrictions, provider schedules and delivery instructions.
Communicate with you concerning your orders in timely manner, including delivery issues.
Provide Live Support Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Stand by to assist you! Call or text anytime (855) 586-2477 or email

What if there is an issue with my delivery?

Please call or text LunchPro’s Concierge Service at (855) 586-2477 – We are here to HELP!

I forgot my LunchPro Username or Password, what do I do?

Your LunchPro Username is the email address used to create your LunchPro Account.

Click Forgot Password on the Login page and a temporary password will be sent to you.

If you cannot remember which email address you used, call or text us at 855-586-2477.

I share my territory with another Sales Rep that visits the same Medical Offices I do. Can LunchPro tell me when they have an appointment booked?

LunchPro does not share appointment information with anyone (other than the Medical Office and/or participating Restaurant), without the Sales Rep’s permission; however, if you have a Partner, we encourage you to select the Request a Partner feature when creating your LunchPro Account. Sharing your appointment calendar with a Partner helps you identify each other’s appointments at specific Medical Offices.

Does LunchPro have a rewards program?

Absolutely! Our Rep Rewards Program makes it easy to earn points and redeem them for Amazon & Nordstrom gift cards. Every dollar spent is a point earned. Sales Rep and Restaurant referrals are worth 2,500 points each. Refer a Medical Office and get 5,000 points when they join! For every 2,500 Rep Reward Points earned, you are eligible to redeem for a $25.00 gift card.

My company does not allow me to benefit from a rewards program - can I donate my Rep Rewards to charity?

Yes, you may choose to donate your Rep Rewards to one of our featured organizations: American Red Cross, Amnesty International, American Cancer Society, Environmental Defense Fund and Meals on Wheels.

To donate your Rep Rewards to a charity, please email your name and your charity preference to

Can I delete my LunchPro Account?

Yes, but it’s awesome, so why would you want to? To delete your Account, log on to the website or LunchPro App and click Deactivate in your Account Profile.

LunchPro for Medical Offices

Why use LunchPro?

Our unique online scheduling tool eliminates the outdated and inefficient paper calendar system.
Once set up, you no longer have to dedicate valuable time in juggling the logistics of Sales Rep visits. Sales Reps can either book, cancel and/or confirm their appointments using our free LunchPad in your Medical Office or instead of standing around waiting at your check-in window, they can access your meal calendar remotely at or by using LunchPro’s App.

Is there a fee to create an account for the Medical Office or Sales Rep?

Nope! LunchPro is free to use and free to join.

Is my Medical Office eligible to use LunchPro?

Yes, any Medical Office that schedules meal appointments is eligible to use LunchPro; however, to be eligible for a free LunchPad, we currently require a minimum of eight (8) staff members and one (1) meal per week on average.

I have a large practice with multiple locations - can LunchPro manage all of our calendars?

Yes, in fact we’d love to! LunchPro can manage large medical practices, with multiple calendars and locations.

Is it difficult to set up my Medical Office with LunchPro?

Not at all! Our Client Development Team will work with you to set up your Medical Office Account. We will quickly gather simple information about your practice, transfer the information from your paper calendar to a complimentary LunchPad, and viola, your electronic system is up and running – forever replacing your paper calendar!

How will LunchPro handle the appointments already scheduled on our paper calendar?

The LunchPro Client Development Team will collect all information regarding existing appointments prior to activating your Medical Office’s LunchPad. We will need a copy (or photo) of your existing paper calendar. We will import all of the information into your Medical Office Account to ensure that no previously booked appointments or information is lost. The LunchPad will be returned to you within two (2) business days fully loaded with your current schedule and ready for new appointments.

What is the LunchPad?

The LunchPad is an office-customized tablet used to manage your Sales Rep appointments. It replaces your inefficient paper calendar. It is complimentary for qualifying Medical Offices, but the LunchPad is not necessary to experience all of LunchPro’s benefits – some Medical Offices prefer to use the LunchPro website ( With or without the LunchPad, if a Medical Office utilizes LunchPro’s calendaring system, Sales Reps can manage and schedule appointments without going into the Medical Office.

How much will the LunchPad cost the Medical Office?

Not a dime! The LunchPad is absolutely free to use.

Can the LunchPad be used for anything other than managing the Medical Office appointment calendar?

No. The LunchPad is specifically programmed to manage your Medical Office meal calendar. The LunchPad can not be used to surf the internet. When not in use, the LunchPad defaults back to your Medical Office home screen.

Is my Medical Office liable if the LunchPad is broken, stolen or malfunctions?

No. The LunchPad is property of LunchPro and will be updated and/or replaced at LunchPro’s discretion.

If the LunchPad malfunctions is our calendar data lost?

Absolutely not! The LunchPad syncs with your online LunchPro Account in real-time and all of your data is securely backed up on the Cloud. Your data is safe and secure and can be accessed online anytime using your login credentials at

Will LunchPro train us to use the LunchPad?

For sure! The LunchPro Client Development Team is standing by to assist you with training and support. We will teach you how to navigate the device, schedule, cancel and confirm appointments and direct Sales Reps to the LunchPro Concierge Service for additional assistance.

Who will train Sales Reps to use LunchPro?

We’re on top of it! Sales Reps receive tons of information from us on how to use the LunchPad, schedule and confirm appointments, select and order food, making us their support team, and letting you get back to patient care!

How will we communicate important information about our Medical Office to Sales Reps using LunchPro?

The LunchPro system has an area specifically designated for your Office Policies.
There, you can set your staff headcount, record dietary restrictions, include delivery instructions and capture any other important details that you like to share with Sales Reps that visit your Medical Office. Sales Reps must review and Accept your Office Policies before booking an appointment and/or placing a food order for your Medical Office.

What is the LunchPro Client Development Team and how can I use them?

That’s a loaded question, with a great answer! There are so many things LunchPro can do to simplify your job. Here’s how:

• We will store important information about your Medical Office like your dietary restrictions, delivery instructions and general Office Policies. We take this a step further, by asking Sales Reps to Accept your Office Policies prior to booking an appointment.
• We will touch base with you to confirm and find out what type of food your Medical Office would prefer for upcoming appointments.
• We will communicate important information about your Medical Office to the Sales Rep and our Restaurant Partners.
• When requesting a meal from the Sales Rep, we will ensure that your request fits within the Sales Rep specified budget.
• We will adjust your provider schedule, headcount and/or other details about your Medical Office on an as needed basis.
• We can open or close your calendar with the click of a button.
• Basically, we’re here to serve you with a customer focused attitude!

If you need us, call/text us at (855) 586-2477 or send an email to

LunchPro for Restaurants

Who purchases food from LunchPro?

Our customers are Sales Reps responsible for providing meals to large groups of medical professionals every day of the week. Each Sales Rep averages 3-4 meals/per week, with an average order size of $295 — that’s a potential of $1,000+ increase in sales from just one Sales Rep per week!

How many Sales Reps work with LunchPro?

LunchPro has thousands of active LunchPro users and the numbers continue to grow daily!

How many orders have LunchPro users placed?

So far, LunchPro is responsible for 25,000+ orders in the DFW area, with an average order size of $295.

What markets does LunchPro serve?

Currently, LunchPro serves the DFW area and will expand to Austin this summer. LunchPro plans to be statewide by the end of 2018 and intends to operate in many other states real soon.

Why are LunchPro’s meal sales so much higher than other online food portals?

It is simple math. LunchPro users are Sales Reps who sell products to doctors. These Sales Reps are required to schedule an average of 3 – 4 lunches/week with the various Medical Offices they serve. For Medical Offices with 10 – 30 staff members or more, meal sales can easily rise from $295 or more per order. The more staff members in the Medical Office, the more food the Sales Rep will order. LunchPro orders sizes vary greatly, but average 15 – 20 people and routinely increase to 30 – 40 people.

Is there a fee for a Restaurant or Caterer to join LunchPro?

No. LunchPro is free for all Restaurants and Caterers; however, just like all other online food portals, LunchPro takes a small revenue share from all orders and charges a processing fee to cover credit card charges and weekly ACH payments to your Restaurant.

How/When does LunchPro pay their Restaurants?

LunchPro processes all payments to Restaurants via ACH payment, for all LunchPro orders fulfilled in the preceding week, no later than midnight CST on the following Wednesday. LunchPro, LLC is a tax-exempt entity that handles all of the sales tax on our end and ensures that the government gets their share.

I’m part of a national chain. Does LunchPro have plans for growth outside of DFW?

Of course! LunchPro is expanding into Austin this summer. We also have plans for expansion into Houston and San Antonio in late 2018 and intend to be nationwide real soon.

Will my Restaurant be required to include additional items with each meal?

Yes. LunchPro requests that each Restaurant provide standard to-go meal kits, including cups, plates, napkins, serving utensils, regular utensils, ice, sweetener, applicable condiments and any other items required to properly set-up and present the meal. For your convenience, LunchPro will provide you with a copy of our Catering Standards Checklist.

How will I receive LunchPro orders? Is everything done electronically?

All LunchPro orders are communicated via email and all notifications are also available via text or online in your Account.

How much notice will I receive to fulfill a LunchPro order?

You determine how much notice you require to fulfill a LunchPro order. During your initial Restaurant set up, our LunchPro Restaurant Relations Team will walk you through the process of setting up your Restaurant’s preferences, including your catering order deadline and delivery radius.

Keep in mind that Sales Reps are often busy and may forget to book a meal from time to time. If this occurs, the LunchPro Concierge Service may call you to make an exception to your stated order deadline. This way, you may agree to take the order and benefit from the additional sale but only if you agree to do so. You are in control of each order.

Is there a way to appear as a preferred Restaurant Partner or be more noticeable than others?

Great idea and it’s coming soon! We want to give our Restaurant Partners more opportunities to get in front of our Sales Reps. In the future we will add ratings, reviews and other opportunities to give your Restaurant more exposure.

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