How to place a food order?

September 22, 2018
Do you have doubts on how to place a food order? No worries, we got you covered.

Place A Food Order

1.  In your My Appointments tab view any appointments with red exclamation points. This indicates that you need to take action.  Here you can Confirm your appointment and/or Order Food.

2.  View the Restaurants list and choose a partner to deliver a great meal!  Select entrees, drinks and desserts, then adjust quantities and see your average cost per person.

Never miss an appointment, and never disappoint!
It’s so much easier to book appointments and order food using LunchPro. We’ll deliver great food.  You deliver a great presentation. 

Happy Booking!

Need help booking an appointment or placing an order? Call us! (855) 586-2477 or by email at Find out stuff faster when you connect with us online below.


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