Lunch for Them. No Worries for You.

February 25, 2017

Food plays such a critical role in the workplace. From that first cup of joe and donut in the morning to the rumbling tummies we hear throughout bustling hallways; a huge portion of our work day is dedicated to eating, dreaming and thinking about food! Those [hallway] heroes tasked with feeding the office have a thankless and often pretty difficult job. They’re not only responsible for feeding the masses, but remembering who is vegan, vegetarian, doesn’t like sushi, needs gluten-free and every meal ordered within the last three months so as not to repeat and risk restaurant burn-out. It’s exhausting! So what’s a poor office manager to do? These simple tips can help you maintain hero status and become a lunchPRO!

Make those with dietary restrictions a priority, not an afterthought.

With so many people jumping on the clean eating bandwagon, it’s easy to make veggie-heavy choices the center of lunch rather than a side dish. Always have an arsenal of healthy go-to restaurants with options for everyone such as Zoe’s, McAllister’s, Baker Bros., Snappy Salads and Fadi’s Grill. Popular items everyone eats like hummus, fruits, veggie sticks and pasta salad are staples at these restaurants and are sure to please any large group!

Institute “Preferences” for your new hires

As a people manager there’s an inherent responsibility to remember every detail. Birthdays, quirky habits, PTO not to mention your actual workload can be completely overwhelming. Instituting a form like “Preferences” is a must for good managers everywhere. As new hires roll in, implement a form that captures critical information with nothing to do with human resources! Ask for their birthday, favorite dessert, restaurants, what motivates them, what irritates them, their big dislikes and how they like to be recognized. A simple form can tell you so much about a person, and makes the trivial task of ordering lunch that much easier.

Lastly, find an easy, online system that works for you.

In meal-driven industries like medical offices, office managers need a user-friendly, online ordering system they can count on; preferably one that compiles important information in one place. There are restaurant delivery services [RDS] that can get your favorite meals to you quickly, which is a great convenience, but they lack critical organizational options like storing dietary restrictions, staff counts reviews, and re-order capabilities. LunchPro opens offices to popular restaurants within their area, keeps track of key information like staff count, preferences, restrictions and order history; making it fool proof to please the office every time.

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