New Year, New You

February 25, 2017
#NotReally #LetsBeHonest #LetUsTakeLunchOffYourPlate

A new year is upon us! It’s time for the usual suspects right – get motivated, change your attitude, do more, faster and better. We all strive for that, however what if instead of reaching for the moon, we were a little more realistic with our expectations. Something as commonplace as managing your sales rep calendar and worrying about the scheduling of meals, can be taken entirely off your plate. Let LunchPro rescue you from your phone and laptop and bring you back to the table! Our intuitive new system, that’s been entirely reimagined and redesigned can literally give you back a few minutes of your day to do the really important things that need your attention. Skip some steps and let us take lunch off your plate. Here’s a few of our fave new features!


Auto Confirmation

Reps are automatically prompted to confirm their appointment 72 hours in advance, and the new color coded calendar system makes it easy for you to track those confirmations.


Unlimited Opportunity

Unlimited slots for breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and sample and sample appointments. Easily vary times and staff counts by day.


The Rep Directory

See the full list of reps that visit your office. Quickly reference contact info, company name, drugs represented and past appointments. Easily send a sample request, block them from booking future appointments or add them to your standby list for last minute cancelations. Bonus feature: As reps provide their pictures, your catalog grows. Remember every rep by face and name including important details about them.


Ratings & Reviews

Provide feedback after meals to influence what you get in the future. Reps want to bring the food you like, so let them know!

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